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Lesson Plans for Secondary Science Teachers


This is a comprehensive list of the best lesson plan websites for secondary science teachers. I created this list after a meticulous and critical review of numerous links. Therefore, the following lesson plans will be beneficial to all secondary science teachers and have received my highest recommendation.



  1. Microsoft Education: Lesson Plans Search Results- The lesson plans contained on this link are very useful for secondary science teachers and utilize Microsoft computer software. Therefore, your students can acquire science and computer skills simultaneously. Date visited – 02/15/03.




  1. Multimedia Activities- Are you a secondary science teacher? Are you looking for the science lessons that are innovative, exciting, and interactive? I hope your answer is yes, because this website uses shockwave computer technology to help students “visualize, experiment, and interact” with scientific concepts. It’s so unique that it’s absolutely “shocking”. Date visited – 02/15/03.




  1. Access Excellence Activities Exchange- This is a great link!! It provides secondary science teachers with “real-life” lessons and activities that promote higher level thinking and cooperative learning. The activities are fun for students and help them to attain a deeper understanding of challenging scientific concepts. Date visited – 02/15/03.




  1. Ask ERIC Lesson Plans- This page provides teachers with numerous science lessons, which are very well organized into subcategories such as, biology, genetics, and paleontology. In conjunction, the lessons are designated with the grade level that they are intended for. Date visited - 2/15/03.







  1. Science Lesson Plans- Teachers that use this link will be pleased with the variety of science lesson plans that are available. However, they will be AMAZED by the amount of links to 100s of other science lesson plans that are also located at this site. Date visited - 2/15/03.




  1. Daily Lesson Plan- New York State’s high standards for education are obvious when teachers view the lesson plans on this website. The New York Times has devised several science lesson plans that relate to current events and the everyday lives of secondary students. Many of the lesson plans are very thorough and include evaluation, interdisciplinary connections, related websites, and vocabulary features. Essentially, this website takes the work out of lesson planning. Therefore, I highly recommend this site to stressed- out first year teachers. Date visited – 02/15/03.




  1. ENRICH Biology Lesson Plans: Human biology- Controversial science topics and thought provoking lessons that will catch the attention of your students can be found on this page. This site also offers a unique feature, which enables teachers to rate lessons and view other teachers’ ratings of those lessons. Date visited – 02/15/03.


  1. Biology Lessons: Site Map- This site contains several biology lesson plans that are encompassed in the units of molecules and cells, and population biology. Each lesson consists of a glossary, knowledge mapping exercise, alternative ideas, and a Spanish/English SEMNET, which ESOL and science teachers must see. The SEMNET enables students to utilize the Internet to explore the key ideas of the lesson in Spanish and English. Thereby, improving their understanding of the content and the English language. Date visited – 02/15/03.









  1. The Lesson Plan Library- Are you a science teacher who enjoys watching the discovery channel? Do you want to bring the programming on the discovery channel into your science classroom? Now you can with the lesson plan library option of the discovery channel website. Many of these lesson plans are associated with discovery channel programs and videos, promote Internet use, and have a cool audio feature that pronounces the vocabulary of the lesson. Date visited – 02/15/03.




  1. Genetic/Genome Lesson Plans- Genetics is a difficult topic to learn and a difficult

topic to teach. Therefore, biology teachers should use this website, which contains genetics related articles, lessons, links, movies, images, and labs when teaching the dreaded genetics lesson. The resources on this site will serve as tools for teachers to enhance the education of their students. Date visited – 02/15/03




  1. Science Connection: Biology Lesson Plans- Dissections, hands-on activities, and simulations can all be found at this terrific website. Students will enjoy learning the concepts in these lessons, while their teachers have fun teaching them. The anatomy, neuroscience, and animal biology lesson plans will absolutely engage students in the learning process. Date visited – 02/15/03.




  1. Smile Program Biology index- This site contains nearly 200 science lessons written by teachers from different high schools across the country. They are organized into categories, such as, zoology, botany, and microbiology. They are all wonderful resources for secondary science teachers!!! Date visited – 02/15/03.





  1. Science: Biology Lesson Plans Index- is a network for teachers, just like the name implies. On this website, teachers can use and submit high quality lesson plans. In particular, the science lessons are great. Although the objectives are challenging, they can be adapted to meet the individual needs of the students. Date visited – 02/15/03.





  1. Life Science Lesson Plans- These are the best middle school science lesson plans on the net!! The website also includes numerous labs, projects, and worksheets that are associated with the lessons. Lastly, the creator of this site offers fantastic frog dissection links and links to FREE movies such as, Outbreak, which would be perfect for a lesson about viruses. This website is a must see!! Date visited – 02/15/03.





  1. Biology- Do you want to motivate your students to learn science? Well, the science lessons on this website ask the questions that kids want answers to. For example, there is a science lesson that answers the question, “Why do people get cancer?” Your students will be motivated to learn because they want the answers. The lessons are appropriate for both primary and secondary students. Date visited – 02/15/03.




  1. Lesson directory- These lessons are related to articles that deal with current issues in bioscience, including, the environment, biotechnology, and genomics. They are intended for use by middle school, high school, or undergraduate students. This enables teachers to challenge their students within or above their students’ zone of proximal development. Date visited – 02/15/03.




  1. PBS Teacher Source- The lesson plans on this site are very easy to access. Simply, select a grade level and topic. Instantly, thousands of great science lesson plans are at your fingertips. This site also includes links to PBS videos that can be used in accordance with many of the lessons. Date visited – 02/15/03.




  1. ENC: Professional Development: Lessons & Activities: Science Topics- There are three major science topics on this website, physical science, life science, and earth and space science. In conjunction, there are several subcategories, which are used to locate websites with lesson plans and activities. It sounds more complicated than it is, just check it out! You won’t be disappointed. Date visited – 02/15/03.


  1. Science Lesson Plans- This site offers lesson plans in the major science subject areas. It also offers humorous science lessons that both the teacher and students can enjoy. Date visited – 02/15/03.




  1. Lesson Planet- Attention secondary science teachers!! Search through 40 high quality lesson plans by key word and grade. There are various science categories to choose from, they are labeled with the appropriate grade level, and have been rated by other teachers. Date visited – 02/15/03.